4 Top T-ball Drills For 5 Year Old Players

Just like any other sport, teaching kids to play baseball requires a lot of patience. While your ultimate goal would be to turn them into great baseball players, you would also want to teach them a few skills and help them have fun in the long run. For starters, here are few fun t-ball drills for year-old players that are easy to execute.

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  1. Base running relay

In this, you can actually teach your players to run the base the right way. Take half of your team and line up them up at home plate and the other half at second base. Secondly, give the first player in each line a ball and on your signal, the players will sprint around the bases. Each player must touch all bases and then hand the baseball t0 the next player in line. At the end, the group that finishes the drill fastest with each player in their team touching every base wins the drill. It is that simple.

  1. Batting Tee

Every young player wants to hit the ball; so when you are teaching your young players how to hit, obviously, you want them to develop a level of swing and keep their eye on the ball. This simple drill will in a myriad of ways help them do this. First, set the baseball hitting drills on the tee at belt level. Have your batter stand behind the ball so he can step into the ball with a level swing. One great thing about this drill is that, since the ball is stationary, the young player will hit the ball with a lot of ease. Have each player take four to five swings.

  1. Alligator Drill

In this drill, every young player should try to catch ball with both hands including ground ball. Teach your young players to get in front of every ground ball and place their gloves on the ground with the palm facing up. It does not even stop there; when the ball gets into the glove they should squeeze it and put their other hand on top of it to keep in the glove. Remember to tell the players not to forget to chomp’ when they catch a ground ball.

  1. Knock Out Drill

When it comes to this, every player will get a chance to pitch. While five t0 six-year old won’t usually be pitching in game, their coaches do it; they will learn how to pitch for future seasons. How to set up the whole drill is unbelievably simple; set up a mound about 25 to 30 feet from home plate. Have the first player try to throw the ball over the plate. If he does it successfully, he goes to the end of the line, and if he doesn’t, he is on the hot seat; he will be knocked out if the next person throws a strike.


Overall, as with any other sport, you cannot even start to imagine the amount of benefits your young players can net from the best t-ball practice drills. These practice drills will not only help them prepare to get into the bigger field, a number of these drills are developed to promote specific goals of the game while building up the players all at the same time.

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