The Advent And The Descent Of Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames are pretty handy devices , that display a slideshow of your pictures . Some are connected to a power source and some have rechargeable batteries . All you need to do is insert a memory stick in the frame and the pictures will be displayed on your screen in slide show form on a screen ranging from 1 inch to even 50 inches . Some photo frames even have some storage memory in them and have audio speakers for let out sound complimenting the pictures and videos .Nowadays the connectivity has increased to Bluetooth And Wi-Fi making the frames very easy to use .

Now the question is that who came up with the digital photo frame . After some digging on Google Patent search it was found that Peter L Jacklin  filed for a patent in October 28, 1996 for a device which displayed pictures and played music , a device very alike the digital photo frame but no mention of the photo frame yet . The patent was issued on May 28,2002 .

Dean Schiller and Paul Yan over , three years later on December 10,1999 filled Method and apparatus for giving out picture mail to picture frame community, which was the start of CEIVA.


An un-issued patent called Apparatus, methods, and systems for digital photo management, was filled 5 years later on Jan 31, 2001 .This was actually referring to a digital photo frame by SONY called the cyber frame .Later records show that the digital picture frame was created in 1999 and officially by 2001 by Sony . the fact of the matter is that people started accepting photo frames after 2001 and this led to the rise of photo frames .

Yet have you ever wondered as to what happened to such a promising technology which promised to raise the ambience in your household or office through the ages . It feels like the digital picture frame has become a relic nowadays which once was a very recommendable gift . There have to be some reasons for the downfall of the device and we are going to tell you as to what are they .

Digital photo frames were before their time . When the digital frames arrived in the market the cameras and the phones that the common people were using were of low resolution therefore when they would view their pictures on the formidable screens of the digital frames they would turn out bloated and hazy . This didnot really encourage the people in buying the devices . You must realize that this before the time of facebook and instagram which turned people into artsy photographers .

Digital photo frames were tough to use . They were being built by companies like Kodak , Polaroid who had no idea about the user interface and software designs . They were rather new to the field which led to their software being complicated and blotchy . If the devices would have been built by Apple or Google then it may have been more appealing to the users .


Digital photo frames came so fast and the prices dropped so fast that the product turned too mainstream but there was no growth in the product . Companies like Kodak were making Digital photo frames a cheap rates but there was no change in the frames that would make them for sophisticated and Hi- Tech . So what happened was that the product lost it’s spark and the costumers had no reason to buy a new one .

Its no coincidence that digital photo frames went dull in 2010 when Apple first launched its iPad which brought in a flurry in the development of tablet computers . During this time there was a huge development in the television sector too , with the huge 55 inch flat screen T.V’s becoming one the most courted after items . Now why will you buy a digital photo frame if you can view your pictures on a 55 inch high quality television ?

So you can see that many reasons led to the downfall of the digital photo frame which went down as fast as it had come up and disappeared into oblivion but there are still there are some digital photo frames in the market and you should definitely do some research before availing one these devices .

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