Best Free App For Android – ShowBox!

One of our favorite things to do to relax or pass time when we’re on vacation, on a long road trip or home alone is to watch movies or TV series. While programs like Netflix and Hulu are great if you are around a TV or computer, from time to time you might want to watch something on your Android device. This is where ShowBox comes in!

The revolutionary app is, simply put, a gigantic collection of TV-shows available for free, in HD format. All your favorite TV shows are here, including Dexter, Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, House of Cards and much more! Even some more niche-like shows like anime or Pokémon are available using this app.

The quality of the videos is also customizable for your taste. You can choose video quality both when streaming and when downloading content. Speaking about content, the database available for your viewing pleasure is truly huge. The fact that you can also freely download content in order to view later is also great. There is the occasional ad here and there, but that is how the developers keep the app free to download for everyone via Google Play.

The interface is remarkably simple and doesn’t contain any sort of items which might interfere with your viewing pleasure. There are two languages available on Showbox (Russian and English) and three streaming qualities (low, medium, high). Choosing the season and episode you want to view is simple via menus and drop-down lists. Streaming quality overall is comparable to Netflix and Hulu, to say the least.

All in all, the app would be great even for a small download fee. Making it free is truly a bargain and one you should not miss. The app does drain battery and resources fairly quickly, but that is to be expected from a streaming app. If you love TV, Showbox is definitely the app for you!

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