Best Tricks And Cheats Available For The Game Pokemon Go

Pokémon go is one of the top grossing game it is developed by Niantic and published by Pokémon Company it just uses the camera and the GPS to play the game it is reality based game as we move and change the location new Pokémon are evolved we just need to capture them and train it. It is a free to play location based game it is available for free in play store and app store people are so addicted to it and everyone wants to complete the game as soon as possible hence players uses few Pokémon go cheats in order to complete the tasks so that players use cheats these always simplify the game play here are few cheats of Pokémon go.screenshot_3-768 As the game is best grossing game it is addictive the major pros and cons are  that the main intension of the game is to make people interactive and make the people work while playing as players need to go to places In search of the Pokémon’s it not only making people walk for a while it also making others annoying as players are getting involved and they just forget where they are and there are chances of getting hit by vehicles different Pokémon’s are found at different areas hence player need to visit any green place like parks, fields, pools, rivers and so on.

The main requirement is the battery this game consumes more battery as it should be connected to internet connection, GPS and the camera these all should be active while playing hence the battery consumption is more in order to make the battery last long while playing select the poke ball then select the setting option in settings battery sever and then activate it.slim

Choosing the first Pokémon:

Initially we get to choose the first basic Pokémon among the three basic Pokémon’s they are charm Ander, Squirtle, Buldasaur after selecting one we should aim them and we should aim and toss the Pokéball to capture it and if you want other Pokémon as  the first Pokémonhere are few steps

At the lower part of the screen we get to see the availability of the nearby Pokémon  the nearest Pokémon is at the top left of the screen while the far one is shown at the bottom right area on the grid after selecting the Pokémon if there are any footsteps present it indicates that we should walk further in the direction shown in the grid if the paw steps increase then take a turn of 180 degree and then walk the opposite way then capture it

To get free coins

In the game coins are used to buy the various portions, Pokémon balls and other various things in the game one of the way is to claim gym and assign Pokémon to protect it

As the Pokémon finishes its task of guarding the gym trainer gets defender bonus which is equal to 10 coins per day if we assign more Pokémon’s at several gyms then player can earn more coins

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