How To Check My Irs Tax Refund- Easy Steps

So how to check my irs tax refund? The first thing to be done before checking the refund status is to lodge your tax refund form along with the appropriate schedule form. This can be done either electronically or by paper. The difference between those two methods is the delay it takes for your refund. E- IRS file takes lesser time while the paper work takes more time to be processed.

Once you file your form, the next thing is to wait for the refund. You can check the date of your refund by looking at the IRS Tax Refund Schedule chart.


If you want to check the status of your tax refund, IRS provides you various options and it is up to you to choose your favored one.

  • Login to http://www.irs.gov and choose Where’s My Refund that provides you tools to check your status.
  • If you had submitted E-file, you can check the status 72 hours after the E-file has been acknowledged and if you had submitted in paper, it will take three weeks to be acknowledged by IRS and only then you can view your refund status.
  • To check your status you may need the following- Social Security Number, Filing Status, Refund Amount.
  • Once you enter all these information, acknowledgement stating your file was received and is in process, the date of your refund.
  • In case if you face any issues i.e. if you did not get the refund within 28 days then you can trace the refund using the Where’s My Refund tool.


  • If you do not have Internet access, you can use the toll-free number at IRS hotline 800-829-1954.
  • IRS also created a mobile application named IRS2Go that lets you check the status of your refund. It is available for android and Apple users.

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