What To Consider Before Buying A Large Dog Kennel

Aww, we all love dogs and are willing to go the whole nine yards to pamper those adorable fluffy creatures. What with buying them the best and costliest shampoo for their beautiful fur and spoiling them with treats and goodies. Let’s just face it. We want our dogs to enjoy as much as possible. This is why we have to get them a large dog kennel for large dogs. Why large? We want huge amount of space for our furry darlings no matter their size. As much as your pets love you, and you love them they don’t like staying cramped alone in your house. Picture this, you kiss your dog goodbye in the morning with the promise of coming back home early with treats and rush to office after putting some chow in their bowl. Yeah! They will be just moping around until you come back home. They will love your house as long as you are in it. When you are gone, they will be bored, with no playmates or anything but the cold silence of your house.

Building a large enough kennel, akin to a mini house and placing it outdoors like your yard or in your garden, would keep your doggies happy. Take a look at the kind of kennels I am talking about:


Isn’t it just absolutely adorable? Instead of kennels you might wanna call it your doggy’s play house.You can see that your dog is protected from external dangers by the presence of bars. There is plenty of space for them to move around and play, keeping them safe and happy until you come back home. Having large dog kennels is required especially for those of you whose place is a bit on the cramped side. But don’t fret; here are a few pointers on how and what kind of a dog house you want to get for your slobbery BFF’s.

  • SPACE: I have said it before and I will say it again dogs are playful and active animals and require enough space to play. A dog house is a must if your place is cramped as it may harm them while playing. Choose slightly bigger dog houses even if your dogs are small sized for more movement. The more, the merrier.
  • BARS: Bars are not required if you have a sturdy fence around your house and yard. But it is surely required when you are close to the woods. There may be dangers of wild animals so it is imperative you erect sturdy bars to protect your dog.


  • JOINT KENNEL: No yards or safe outdoor place? Opt for an attached play house. This is bound to get you big slobbery kisses and loud woof! Woofs! Best part is there is no need for you to worry about locking the kennels. All you have to do is lock your front door and see your doggy play. An entrance to the attached dog house can be something as simple as a window or a dedicated opening. And probably the best part is your other pets can join the fun.

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