How To Download Clash Royale Apk

Ask the features in smart phones are increasing, the number of gamers is also increasing. Sure, a smart phone has countless uses, but gaming is one of the most prominent and most used features. People today chose their phones for the sole purpose of playing games.

But, recently the mobile gaming world has been swamped with the demand of the sensational new game, ClashRoyale. Clash Royale is a premium mobile strategy game developed by Supercell. Clash Royale APK is available for both android and iOs and can be downloaded from the play store free of cost. The USP of the game is that it combines fragments from various games such as card games, tower making and multiplayer online battle arena. This is also the reason for this game’s overwhelming response among the gamers.


The game play of clash royale is a bit complicated which makes the game more interesting. Clash Royale ranks the players on the basis of level and arenas. The maximum level that can be reached is thirteen and there are a total of nine arenas.  The basic strategy of winning is to destroy more towers than the opponent or by destroying opponent’s king tower which leads to automatic three crown victory.

The game starts with giving each player a hand of four cards from a deck of eight cards, which is selected the by player itself. To move forward in the game, the cards must be played strategically. Also, to play the desired card, the player must have the ‘elixir’ which is exhausted over time. As soon as a card is used from the hand, it is replaced by another card from the deck. The player unlocks different arenas with the help of these cards only, and upon unlocking they receive trophies and points. These very trophies and points accumulate to winning of that respective player. Players also have the ability to increase the level by donating or upgrading the cards. Increase of level also results in increase in tower hit points and damages.


The game gets even more interesting as the player can also engage in a multiplayer online battle. Upon winning the battle, the player is rewarded with a chest, which can take its time to open depending upon the type of chest. For example, silver chest take up to 3 hours to unlock, gold chest takes up to 8 hours to unlock, magical chest take 12 hours to unlock and super magical chest take up to 24 hours to unlock.  Your patience is then rewarded upon the unlocking of the chest as it contains cards, gold and gems. With the help of these cards and goodies in the chest, a player can easily upgrade his/her ranking. Also, each player can hold maximum of 4 chests at a time, and free chests are also given in various phases of the game. One of the very interesting features of the game is that the players can also form clans. These clans can then engage in friendly battles.

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