Escape If You Can

Adventure games give us an Adrenaline rush unlike any other activity. A few well known adventure games are scavenger hunt, indoor climbing and escape rooms. Each provides thrill and can get one’s Adrenaline pumping. Escape room is the most go-to activity among the known adventure games. Places that have escape rooms are aplenty. This game is played as a team.


In this game a group of people are locked inside a room and the only way to escape is by solving riddles and puzzles by the end of a time limit.  Most escape rooms have time limit of one hour. Escape rooms come in various flavors. Some unique themes are Escape from Alcatraz, Sicko, Trapped in a Room with a Zombie, and Mr. E’s Elaborate Enigma. Real Escape game was developed in Japan by the Kyoto publishing company. Beyond Japan escape room games came up in Singapore.

Escape rooms that can be used as a team building Singapore are Xcape Singapore and Escape Hunt. Another escape room game for team building Singapore is the Real Escape Game. It is often described as a hit among highly stressed students and overworked young professionals. By 2015, there were approximately 3000 escape room venues worldwide. Setting up an escape room venue does not require huge investment. The investment required upfront depends on the type of challenges one intends to include in the game.


Some escape rooms are designed to give you the experience of solving a mystery. Such escape rooms are called mystery rooms. Mystery rooms can be thought of as a spin-off of the escape room concept. Games are always fun to play and adventure games in particular are definitely enjoyable. Corporate establishments often use escape rooms as a team building activity. So do you have it in you to enter an escape room and escape before time runs out? Try out an escape room today and enrich you life with a new experience.

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