Fun With Pokemon Go

Playing games have always been something people love to do on their free time. In the past before we had all the technological advancements we enjoy today, many played board games like chess or card games or even with toys like dolls. Young and old alike enjoyed spending their free time in the pursuits of victory in numerous sorts of games. However, with everything that we have now thanks to technology, we are able to enjoy virtual games. We have an abundance of video games, computer games and even games on smartphones. Pokemon Go is probably the latest game to take the world by storm. But even before the game’s release, Pokémon, has been able to amass a strong following both from the younger and older audience. It’s probably due to the fact that it has a strong presence in television and also because it has had enjoyed successful video game releases. It even has a collectible card game to boot. Children love it and adults do too.

Pokémon Go Adventure

You probably were taking by surprise with the sudden influx of news regarding a mass of people suddenly seen flocking to certain areas in your city. And even more surprise to know it’s all because of a game known as Pokémon Go. People left and right gathering at various places hoping to catch a Pokémon. You can often see them at open spaces like parks or even lurking near a home that has been turned into a Pokémon gym. It’s a great way to meet Pokémon enthusiasts and have fun altogether.


Fun With Augmented Realty

One of the reasons why the game garnered interest is because of its augmented reality or AR capabilities. It allows the players to experience a mixture of both the virtual game interfaced with reality. How is this possible? Well using the phone’s camera the game is able to make the player feel he or she is catching the Pokémon hidden in the geographical location the player is in. The game has helped launch AR into mainstream and has spread its awareness. It has also created a fun novel for players.

Get An Enjoyable Workout

You can also enjoy a great work out by playing Pokémon Go. The game requires its players to walk around in order to accomplish some necessary tasks in the game. For example in order to hatch a Pokémon egg, a person has to walk for some distance to do so. It’s also quite difficult to cheat as the game system is able to detect if you’re actually making walking movements. Some people try to figure out ingenious ways to cover more distance without tiring themselves out too much.


Reliving A Childhood Dream

Another probable reason why the game has a lot of following especially amongst adults is because they probably grew up watching Pokémon, played the video game on their Gameboys and quite possibly the card game as well. There was even a time when young children were obsessed with collectin

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