Goede Tijden Gemist – A Perfect Source Of Entertainment

Dutch television industry is blessed with shows like goede tijden gemist which really makes it possible to have fun and entertainment with our family. On weekdays, after working for hours, we can definitely relax and enjoy with our family members by watching an awesome TV show named Gtst.

Goede tijden gemist – An Introduction

Reg Watson created Gtst in 1977 and he is a well-known personality in soap operas world. Apart from Gtst he has already created two other gems, Prisoner and Neighbors. The popular show Gtst is running successfully for last 26 years and the show is perfectly written by Rohan Gottschalk. Without any doubt, Gtst is one of the longest running TV shows which has completed more than 5,000 episodes.


If you have watched the show, you can easily find out it is an amazing family drama which offers many verities of stories based on love, hatred, divorce, marriage, and kidnapping. The perfect blend of stories on numerous topics will result in an entertaining TV show which is most enjoyed by the viewers. Another important aspect is the little suspense which you will find at the end of each episode. With this little suspense, viewers do eagerly wait for the next episode and enjoy unexpected twists.

Till now we have mostly focused on the entertaining aspect of Goede tijden gemist, but it is vital to mention out the show is responsible for making careers of many actors. There are many struggling actors who began their journey with this show and now enjoying sky-high success. Some of these actors are not even part of the show anymore, but their work is still appreciated by the Gtst followers. In last 26 years, Gtst has hugely contributed in establishing many successful careers and still going strong.

All You Need To Know about GTST Shortie


GTST Shortie is the latest addition to the producers of Gtst. It is an official website specifically introduced to assist individuals who are not able to watch the show due to several reasons. We have already mentioned, the show is broadcasted on weekdays, which makes it hard for countless people to watch it. Now with the availability of GTST Shortie, it is very much possible to watch short snippets of the episodes which you have missed. All it requires having a nice working internet connection and a laptop. These online videos are not complete episodes but short snippets which are more than sufficient to keep you updated with latest happenings in the show.

Over the years, goede tijden gemist has changed a lot and many new exciting faces are launched every season. With these new faces, the show makers are able to maintain the exciting and refreshing elements in the show. For sure, the show has the potential to last for many more years and will entertain the followers with no worries. If you have missed any episode, just don’t waste the time and access the official website GTST Shortie right now.


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