Grand Theft Auto

Grand theft auto is one of the most amazing games ever released by Rockstar Games. It is one of the most best rated game by the reviewers. This beautiful piece of action adventure game series was created by David Jones and Mike Dailly. The name of the game references with the term used in US for motor vehicle theft. This game caught the eyes of the gamers and they clanged on to it like crazy. The game play allowed users to steal cars, pick up a fight, go to clubs, and above all using the cheat codes helped them to take it to another level. The recently released GTA 5 gave the users an amazing experience with super amazing graphics and add on like never before.


What can a gamer ask for more when Rockstar such kind of games in their bags. Games like bully also caught the attention of many gamers and were another hit among them. Rockstar games has always made games of free role playing fictional universe in which the gamer can almost do anything and even if one is not interested in doing the main missions the game has a lot of other things which interest the first time players who are just playing for fun.

GTA can also be unfolded by download spiels which is a very convenient option for gamers looking for a quick download. The game has been controversial from the very first incarnation of the series. GTA has always been famous for crime, violence and paying prostitutes for services to regain health. The game has always been criticized because of its illegal activities and compared with other games in which the main character has always been depicted as a hero. Grand Theft Auto has been a major success since the first Liberty City version was released and still today remains one of the most undisputed games ever made.


The series has broken several records including Guinness World Records awarding the series 10 world records in the Gamers Edition 2008. Grand Theft: San Andreas and Vice city remain on the second and fifth place of most highest rated Playsation 2 games on metacritic. The release of Grand Theft Auto is treated as a major event in the history of video games. This game has revolutionized the gaming scene among the gamers. This game provided an immersive experience to the gamers and gave them the opportunity to enter into a world of fantasy and fulfill their gangster dreams. Despite of many controversies the game has proved to be the best and did millions of sales and Rockstar games has seen its peak and had a super big fan following among every age category.

Having shipped more than 220 million units the game has given huge amount of sale figures and brought money for the creators as well as the publishers. Some games which can be compared to this beauty are Saints Row, Uncharted, Just Cause etc. bust still GTA remains unbeaten till date.

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