Happy Wheels – The Customized Browser Game

Now a days happy wheels is a very popular browser game. Basically a physics based game, it was created in 2010 by Jim Bonacci, who designs video games. The developer and publisher of this game is Fancy Force. Along with Jim Bonacci,another man who helped in designing happy wheels  is Jason Schymick. The programmers behind this game are Jim Bonacci and Alec Cove and the composer of the game is Jack Zankowski.

Happy wheels is a game which includes several players. Different types of vehicles are used by the players to move on to the next level. The graphic violence of the game is brilliant. It is also well known for content of user generation produced by the players regularly with game maps and those are shared publicly . Because of level design and choice of characters, the actual mechanics of the gameplay vary. The players can throw themselves out of the vehicles. In this game different levels have different goals.The objective is that the players reach the line of finish or they have to acquire tokens to win the game and move on to the next level. As mentioned earlier, happy wheels include violence in the gameplay such as decaptitating the players, the characters can be shot or they can be crushed by other vehicles as well. Other graphic elements include cutting of limbs and excessive loss of blood.


Happy wheels let the players to build up their own custom levels by a special feature called the level editor. It consists of a  large number of tools and level building objects. The maps can be uploaded by the user to a server where they can be accessed easily.

In 2006, Jim Bonacci, the mastermind behind happy wheels,began his work. He was inspired from other games which were physics based. Bonacci’s original website contains the full version of happy wheels and other websites have license to its demo version. Those versions consist of maps and levels which can be selected. The game consists of approximately five million levels which are user generated and total number of level players is almost over eight billion. The sequel of Happy Wheels, also referred to as Happy Wheels 2, is currently in production. Better physics and dynamic lighting are displayed in the sequel, as well as normal and spectacular mapping to textures. Currently, there are sixteen character types and eleven vehicles that can be accessed in the game’s level editor.


Happy Wheels has been quite popular and has received a lot of appreciation. Happy wheels has been declared on of the most popular games by IGN(image games network). The level editor has received special appreciation from the reviewers. The graphic violence has also been considered to be quite humorous and dramatic. So, get rid of your daily boredom by flushing it out with Happy Wheels, the ultimate stress buster.

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