Meditation And Meditation Techniques – A Way Of Life

In today’s generation of technology advancement, people are very stressed because of their work and personal issues. Due to stress, they have no peace of mind which causes a lot of health issues. To stay healthy physically one must be mentally healthy. All the problems that we face in our life can be solved only with a peace of mind. When a person is calm and composed, it is easy for them to think in an optimistic way and find a solution to their problems. There are different ways to stay peaceful and be calm.

The basic and most important one is meditation. Meditation is a practice to keep our minds and calm, without thinking about anything. It is not only about staying calm but also to build internal energy, develop love, compassion, and forgiveness. When you meditate, you feel positive and good while engaging in your life activities.  Meditation is an approach to training the mind which is similar to fitness being an approach to training the body. Meditation helps to ease many health conditions like blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.


Origin of Meditation:

The origin of meditation has different theories and is said to believe that it originates from different religious in diverse ways. The different religions are Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism and much more. Although the origin seems to be varied the purpose of this practice and its benefits are all one and the same.

Meditation Techniques:

Meditation is not a simple task, in fact for beginners it is very tough to concentrate and keep the mind empty. Nothing is impossible in this world and with a little struggle in the beginning, it gets easier. There are various meditation techniques which have their own importance.

  1. Concentration Meditation Technique: This technique focuses on a single point. This single point could be repeating a mantra, counting beads on a rosary, staring at a candle flame, watching the breath or listening to a repetitive gong. In this meditation technique, the beginners generally do it for a few minutes and then move on to doing their work. On performing this technique, the concentration ability improves.
  2. Mindfulness Meditation Technique: In this technique, rather than concentrating on one particular thing we let the mind wander over all the thoughts that arise in our mind. It is not required to get involved in those thoughts but just be aware of them as they arise. This meditation technique helps build an awareness of what is pleasant and unpleasant. It allows you to understand how feelings move in a particular pattern based on the thoughts. With good practice, an inner balance in developed within us.

There are other meditation techniques like moving meditation such a chi Kung and walking meditation.


There are many benefits obtained as a result of the above meditation techniques. Every meditation techniques has its own benefits which will make you feel optimistic towards life.


  1. Lower Blood Sugar
  2. Less Anxiety
  3. Deeper Relaxation
  4. More feelings of Well-Being
  5. Less Stress


Meditation is a way of life which helps people to stay focused, calm and determined towards their work and family.  It helps us understand our emotions and our helps us gain control over our thoughts. The simple ways to meditate is to first sit or lie comfortably with our eyes closed and simply breathe naturally without controlling your respiration. Although there are several meditation techniques, on practicing any kind of techniques will give you a positive result and make your life simpler.

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