Why Do I Need The Jbl Lsr305?

As we know music is very important for everyone no matter if they are music producers, musicians, ex musicians or just music enthusiasts. We find music very important for our lives as it gives us a rhythm we can enjoy during our free time. Good music systems are everything and trust me you will wait to come home everyday just to listen to your speakers. Looking for quality speakers that will give you a professional feel and also not cost you too much is may be a tricky thing but you will definitely find something that you like. So we are going to talk about a certain studio monitor that will provide you some brilliant quality music and these speakers are called the JBL LSR305. studio-monitors


The studio monitors are professional level speakers that give you flat, crisp music without many variations. Most of us heard of JBL and their systems are known for their great bass and their great volume. If you want to blast your music then this is perfect for you.  The studio monitor comes for just $269 and looks very good with glossy woofers and crisp edges. The speakers are easy to use and it has sophistication as well too as there are enough settings for those who want a bit of control.

The speakers are very well designed and have some high end features like the ICW technology. They have also designed their speakers in such a way that makes it work very well with low frequency woofers. They have XLR and ¼ inch balanced inputs which accepts -4 dB to 10 dB. This allows inputs from both mobile phones and professional components like the DAC. There are trim switches at the back which allows us to control the frequency from -2 to +2 dB. These audio monitors are perfect for mixing as i could hear my mixes very well on the speakers. The low bass line is very clear in these speakers and so are the weak points compared to other speakers.002_maxresdefault

The JBL LSR305 review was very enjoyable because the amount I appreciate my pair of JBL’s is beyond imagination but like all low priced studio monitors these speakers have their weak points too. The mid ranged design is a bit weak for the speakers. A bit of touch up needs to be made as the electric guitars and snare drum didn’t sound as good as they should have.

The speakers have a great built with well defined sound and a lot of bass with that sound. The speakers weigh just below 10 pounds. The speakers are also very affordable. We went through a lot of views on the internet before we decided to make this review and trust me almost everyone was happy about them. This is one of the most appreciated speakers on the internet and has got great ratings on various sites all over the internet. It exceeded the expectations of many customers too. These speakers are the winners in their department as they sound better and more clear than any other speaker close to their sound range.

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