The Pros And Cons Of Corner Showers

Corner ahowers are now becoming more and more popular along new home designs. These are a great space saver especially for those dealing with a tiny area for their bathroom. With the help of corner showers, not only will the bathroom look clean and spacious, but depending on the design you choose, you will have a modern and elegant look as well. This is perfect for impressing visitors and for having the right ambiance when showering after a long day of work.

So if you are designing your bathroom and need to make it look spacious without sacrificing design, corner showers are best recommended for you. But with the different types of showers and designs available, you must be aware of the things corner showers can give you, which does not only include the pros, but the cons as well. Be warned that each shower design and concept have their own advantages and disadvantages, which is why it’s best to be knowledgeable on the basics so you will be able to get something that is most suitable for you and your bathroom. From design and usability, here are the pros and cons a corner shower has:



  1. Made entirely of glass or any other material, it makes it look more spacious than it already is. It will also make any bathroom look modern and minimalistic, which is a design that matches any concept.
  2. It’s very easy to clean, as it is made of glass. Choose a frameless door, and cleaning will be made even easier than expected.
  3. The designs are limitless and you will be able to choose the perfect one.
  4. It’s a no frills shower that does the job in keeping you squeaky clean.
  5. It is cost-effective, depending on the brand, material, and type of door you choose.


  1. It can be a danger, especially to those who are clumsy, or for kids as well. And because some material can be a bit weak, the glass could break and create a messy accident.
  2. Because you are using glass doors that may not meet the ceiling or floor, it can create humidity or moisture throughout the whole bathroom, which isn’t the ambiance or atmosphere you would like to walk out of after a good shower.awesome-ideas-for-bathroom-remodeling-a-small-bathroom-vanity-mirror-bathroom-rack-shower-room-with-glass-door-white-toilet
  3. Certain shower doors and materials may be a bit more expensive as compared to traditional designs.
  4. Because of the small space, it would be difficult to add in extras such as a soap shelf or handlebars. You will only be able to stand, unless you install a corner shower with a bigger size that can fit shower seats.

If you’re dead set and have made the final decision in installing corner showers for your home, then you will be able to purchase it off-the-shelf in local home depots, online, or have one custom designed. The designs are limitless, so use your imagination and consider the factors, as this will be your shower and bathroom space for a lifetime!

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