Showbox App: Enjoying Latest Gossips

We all watch idiot box in some point of life. It is a good medium which helps us to stay updated about world. For passing the time, for enjoying latest gossips, for all the current affairs, people switch on their TV screens. But sometimes due to work, or due to dish power cut and many other reasons, we gets cut off with this source of information. We miss our favourite episode because of other priorities.

But now, you don’t need to sacrifice. To remain updated with the world around you, to get the latest gossips about your favourite star, to watch your favourite episodes of any serial, all you need to do is download the Showbox App.

Showbox App is an application made to run on Android phones that let user stream their favourite movies and episodes of TV shows. And it is all for free. Neither you have to pay for the app, nor you have to spend for the movies. And the best part is that without even spending a penny, you can get the highest quality that is you can watch your favourite movies in HD picture quality.


So all you have to do is download this awesome app. But this app is no available on the Google Play Store. You have to download it from other browsers of your phone. Here are the steps to get the Showbox App:

  • The very first step deals with changing the settings of your phone. To download the Showbox app from the browsers (basically non market apps), you need to activate the option ‘Unknown Sources‘. To get this option, click on Settings, then go to the Security option, you will find the option ‘Unknown Sources‘in the list. Turn that option on if it is off (By default this option is off only).
  • After changing the settings, open the browser, write “Show Box APK download” in the search window, and hit the Search/Go button. This will divert you to the page with the list of URL’s from where you can download this link. Select any one of appropriate option and download the latest APK of Show Box.
  • After downloading this APK, you need to install it on your device. Open this APK file from the location where your APK file is saved and hit the next button. By clicking on it, you are agreeing the terms and conditions of this APK. After that press the Install button. This will install the Show Box app in your device.
    You are all set to use this application now. You can download as well as Watch your favourite movies and episodes for free now. Also, the latest Show Box app also allows you to download music. That means now you can get all your favourite movies, serials, and music in a single app only.


If your app is not working and showing the warning message “Unfortunately, Show Box has stopped”, the please follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Click on your phone settings
  • Go to general tab
  • Go to Apps tab
  • Click on the Show App icon
  • Hit the Force Stop button
  • After that press the Clear data and clear cache button.
  • Restart your Show Box App.

This will surely solve the problem. If problem still persists, the please go for the reinstall option.
Show Box app has many features and advantages. One of the biggest advantages of having this app is this that it is platform independent. You can rum this app on your tablet, on Android, on Kindle, or even on your iphone. So enjoy your favourite movies and channels anywhere with the Show Box app.

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