The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Business On Instagram

Ever since its acquisition by Facebook in 2012, Instagram has experienced a rapid growth and has resulted to picking up millions of users. What makes the platform even more appealing when compared to other social platforms is its ability to make use of visual content to create engagement. It also helps that Instagram is a mobile based app meaning that it offers users with the much needed convenience of taking and uploading photos on their profiles.

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As a serious player in the industry, it is important that businesses embrace Instagram for their business marketing needs. Here is a guide to marketing your business on Instagram without feeling the need to buy instagram followers as a way out.

Understand how Instagram works  

Most of you have heard about Instagram even if they’ve not gone to the extent of using the platform. As a social platform, Instagram allows you to take photos, edit them using your phone by applying filters and then upload them on your page. Besides photos, you can also use the platform to upload videos and better yet use it as a networking channel being a social platform. Instagram is more like twitter but with pictures. You get to follow people and followed back. Both you followers’ images and your own appear on your feed and the platform also allows you to write a caption and allows others to leave comments.

How to use Instagram on your business to increase sales

Instagram can be used to increase engagement with your customers and help increase your sales. To achieve this, you need to:

  1. Decide what you want to do

As a business, it is important that you know exactly what you want to do and come up with clear objectives. You cannot expect to be successful by just post random pictures or videos. Understand your business objectives and what you want to achieve before churning out content.

  1. Content should be of the highest quality

Even if you are not a professional photographer your pictures need to be decent enough so that they can appeal to your target audience. The quality needs to be top and the images themselves need to be eye catching. You need to understand that quality is a key element to any good brand.images (13)

  1. Involve yourself with your community

In order to achieve your business objectives you need to be an active participant on Instagram. Besides just uploading your own photos and video you can go a step further to like and comment on other people’s photos. That is the only way you get to take part in the community and build your own profile.

  1. Attract new followers

The most important thing here is to continue to produce awesome content participate actively in the community. As you continue to build your brand, more and more people will take interest in your project and follow you or ask others to do so. With a growing list of potential customers, it provides you with an opportunity of converting the same into meaningful sales. we can also create pages or groups with a unique names such as who unfollowed me instagram and with that we may attract the followers 

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