Time To Switch To Voip

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the latest technology that enables users to make voice calls using VoIP phones. VoIP systems use a stable internet connection to enable effective communication without the need of a conventional phone line. VoIP is more commonly known as internet telephony and it converts all the voice vibrations that are received to compressed digital signals. These signals then translate to Internet Protocol (IP) packets. These translated IP packets are converted and transmitted to a telephone signal. In short, this means that VoIP enables businesses and users to make and receive voice calls from a computer that is equipped with VoIP phones. The services offered by Internet telephony is much greater than the services offered by a regular phone system.


One of the best things about VoIP phones is the convenience that it provides. These systems are easy to use, and very effective. Unlike traditional phones where your employees were required to manually pick up the phone and dial a number, VoIP phones do it automatically. The system is advanced and you can set a daily target for your employees. All you need to do is set the dialer based on the number of calls you want your employees to handle and the system will do the rest for you. It helps you get an average of the number of calls that your employees handle on a daily basis. This system makes it easy to identify employees that are performing well, as well as the ones that are not.

Cost Effective

As a business owner, one of your major concerns will be the cost of the calls that are made from your organization. If you have a high call flow ratio and your business requires you to connect with customers all over the world, traditional calling methods will turn out to be expensive and you will end up paying high bills. VoIP phones are cheaper and do not cost as much. They use the internet to make these calls and the charges for long distance calls are a lot cheaper on VoIP phones.


More Calls

Since using the VoIP phones is so easy, your employees will manage to handle higher call volumes on a daily basis. This is because they no longer need to manually dial the customers number, VoIP phones does this automatically. As soon as your employees get off the phone with a customer, the system will generate another call for them after a few seconds or minutes depending on the time gap you set in between two calls.

Ease Of Use

VoIP installation requires very little technical knowledge. This ease of installation of the VoIP systems offers a distinct advantage over standard telephone systems. One of the major advantages is that businesses who switch to VoIP phones no longer need a separate cable for their standard telephone system. This helps in cutting down on cluttering of wires and prevents fire hazards that are caused by extra wires. The scalability and vastness of the VoIP infrastructure makes it very easy for new components to be added without any hassle. Since the transfer of signals occurs using a software instead of any hardware, it is easier to maintain and alter the entire system with ease. This makes Voice over Internet Protocol technology one of the most popular choices for businesses.


One of the best things about VoIP phones is the efficiency and quality that the system delivers. Since the system using the internet to make calls and not the telephone line, the quality of the calls is a lot better. There are no lags, call drops or disturbances that the employees or the customer will face during the calls. Since the system does not require the employee to hold a receiver in their hand, it makes it easy for them to use their computer during the call and look for possible answers to queries that the customer on the call might have.


Easy to Expand

Unlike the traditional phone lines, VoIP phones do not need additional phones or lines to expand. All you need to do is speak to the provider, increase the number of systems you need and you can add more lines to the network in no time. This also helps to save money on additional cost of the phone lines. You do not need to have individual phones for each employee; you just need a system and a pair of headphones for them to talk to the customers.


Since the VoIP phones do most of the work for your employees automatically, it gives them more time to speak to more customers. This increases their productivity and in turn proves to be more beneficial for your business. If you have high call flow ratios, the use of VoIP phones is always preferred since it lowers the amount of time a customer spends on each call. This is because your employees manage to provide them with better solutions in a shorter time span. This is one of the best ways to handle more calls in a day. Your employees also work to their full potential and since the hold time for your customers is lesser in comparison to the traditional phones, they are also happy.


VoIP technology stores and combines data into a single network. This improves cost effectiveness, manageability and productivity for various businesses that depend on reliable communication for running their daily affairs. Some businesses also invest in wireless VoIP technology that enables users to make calls from places that offer Wi-Fi such as book stores, cafeterias, coffee shops, malls, airports and hotels. This would enable the employees of the business to be in touch all the time without spending too much on telephone bills. Keeping in mind the growing competition, if a business depends on phone lines to run their business, installing a VoIP system is the best thing to do. This will guarantee lesser downtime and improved business efficiency resulting in a booming business.

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