The A To Z Of Exterior House Painting

Painters Surrey  service providers give quality services when it comes to anything house painting. You will be able to have a whole new home for the cost of a few cases of exterior paint plus some sanding and patching here and there. Get your painting done by professional painters Surrey.

According to this professional,  when freshly painted,  the look of the house is transformed   in the shortest time possible, at an affordable cost. The paint will protect your investment as it will shield it from the sun, rain and wind, until the paint begins to crack and peel, then you replace it again.  If paint is applied by professional painters surrey, you will be assured of your home staying for about 15 years without the need for a repaint job as they use top quality materials, applying with care and have an eye on the weather. They make sure that they clean and sand every surface first before applying the paint.


What do the professional painters surrey advice?

  • A thorough scrubbing is necessary before doing any exterior surface painting. This will remove the dirt and broken down paint residues which might keep a fresh coat of paint from adhering.
  • Scrape paint that is bubbled, peeled or blistered. Make sure you do with caution, especially for houses which were built before 1978 as most of them contain lead. You can send paint samples to a lab such as Mac Lab’s home for free sampling.
  • Use power grinders and sanders to attack the paint as it is less damaging and removes away old layers of paint easily.


Do it professional, do it using painters surrey so that you don’t have regrets whatsoever after your exterior house painting is done.

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