How Turkish Towels Came Into Existence

We all know why Turkish towels are so freaking famous, right? They are so incredibly soft and fast moisture absorber. Ever wondered how it is that they came into existence? Now, the shortcut is to just assume that the Turkish people use these special towels, and that’s how they came to be known as that. But that is not the truth. So, let’s find out about how Turkish towels were first made and why.


The date of their origin is sometime around the 18th century, in what is known as modern-day Turkey. Turkish carpets have always been a rage. The weavers who eked out a living by weaving carpets just thought of doing something different for a change. So, they used their carpet-weaving skills and came up with a completely new technique of making towels which looked so incredibly stylish, thick and not to mention, plush. They even added fibre loops to these towels, thus increasing their moisture absorption capacity manifold.

Since then, these towels have formed a crux in the life of the Turkish people. They even hold religious significance. Originally, they started being used for bathing a bride before her wedding. Later on, they started being used for several other ceremonies as well. Today, they are inseparable from Turkish baths or hamams. In case of that, a complete set is used consisting of hip, head and shoulder towels.


They were originally named ‘havli’ and then ‘havlu’ which translates to towel in Turkish. They were mostly hand-woven at the time. Nowadays however, the process has been mechanized thus increasing their production and manufacturing. The rest, as they say is history. Today, Turkish towels are exported to different parts of the world and they have become a brand in themselves. The weavers of Turkey came up with such a brilliant idea and created something so magical; we are reaping the fruits of their imagination today, and how!

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