Up In Smoke

Smoking has always been a thing to look cool in front of your peers. Whether it’s the 60s, 70s, 90s or today’s time, smoking has always been a fashion statement. Sure, there are a lot of people of smoke because they like, and the ones who do it for the style, well even they smoke because they like to do it. There isn’t any surprise in stating that smoking is highly injurious to health. It can cause cancer and many other health hazards. But what surprising is , that people know about the consequences and still smoke.

The nicotine present in cigarettes is responsible for the addictive effect it has on people. People get addicted to the taste and feel of nicotine, and the rush they get after smoking. People generally associate smoking with good times like partying and pair it up with few drinks. It is hard to quit, even for those who desperately want to quit. There are a number of reasons for that. Mainly they are so used to smoking, and they can’t find any other substitute in place of cigarettes. Secondly, as stated above, they are addicted to the nicotine.

People today are so used to holding a smoking stick in their hand,that the idea of quitting it doesn’t seem to appealing to them. Coming to the younger section of the society, they mainly do it to look cool. The movies and media have romanticised the idea of smoking, whether they are gangster, some cool gang of kinds shown in the movie or their favourite rock star. No matter how much you tell them to quit, the teens would go to any extent to look cool.


This is why , a life changing invention has taken over the market in the form for e-cigarettes or vapes. They are easily available in the form of pens at any of the vape pens shop. Vaping is a brand new concept, and for those of you who don’t know what it is : vaping can termed as an act of inhaling water through a customised vaporiser. And yes, it is as harmless as it sounds. Vaping is the new cool and it has led a lot of kids to not divert on the path of smoking. Many of the kids have started vaping as a new style statement and thrown away their cigarette packets. This initiative is borne of the fact that kids will do whatever it takes to look cool among their peers, so they might as well do it in a healthy way. Not just kids, today you can even see adults who are trying to quit smoking, switching to vaping for a better lifestyle.

Vaping is the best alternative to smoking. It feels exactly like smoking, but without the adverse effects of smoking like bad breath, bad smell and less likelihood of getting cancer. The term vaping literally means vaporising water, so technically you are just smoking plain old water. It was first invented by Hon Lik, who was a Chinese pharmacist. His father dies due to cancer by smoking. This is a reason enough for him to invent vaping, so that no more people lose their life to cancer by smoking or any other health problems.


Coming to the vape pens, they are really easy to use. They consist of a battery, which can be charged through a USB. The cartridge contains the liquid which is also termed as e-juice. The e-juice mainly contains propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine which is mixed with natural or artificial flavours. This gives the vape an exotic feel, and you can smoke  whichever flavour you like the best, unlike the cigarettes .

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