Video Marketing

Video marketing is a very potent form of marketing. It can reach out to an enormous number of customers and it can at the same time reach the customers who are interested in the kind of product or service that you sell.

Here a few tips on how to make your video marketing campaign successful:

  1. Most successful YouTube campaigns have three important features: attract, retain, and monetize.

  2. Translate the main tags into foreign languages to increase international viewership.
  3. Set up lists for remarketing based on who liked, watched, commented on and shared your videos. Make sure
    you leverage a paid strategy to reach people who already love you so that you will not have to rely on YouTube’s algorithm.
  4. Out of the top 10 celebrities that were voted by millennials, half of them were YouTubers. This shows that audiences today have moved beyond traditional media into digital media. So if you are serving an audience of millennials ( 20 or 30-somethings) then YouTube is a great way to reach out to them.
  5. YouTube can provide much more actionable data than television. The Epic Rap Battles received 24.5 million views on YouTube while outperforming the famous TV show The Big Bang Theory which received 18.5 million views.
  6. Take your time to write the script as a team. The Poo-Pourri commercial actually took about three days to write. The Harmon Brothers Agency is responsible for some of the most successful viral videos in the world and they know what works and what doesn’t. So take your time to write the script as a team and you might want to have your teammates bring a script or concept proposal to the table for discussion.


  7. Consumers trust YouTubers when they endorse a product. Most celebrities will endorse pretty much anything that pays them but YouTubers are much more selective and specialised.

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