Web design tips to make your brand shine

Here are 7 web design tips that will make your brand stand out from your competition:

  1. Go mobileIf you haven’t already got a mobile-optimized site, what are you waiting for? Consumers want their information fast while on-the-go – on their mobile phones or tablets. Be sure to build a mobile site that will load quickly and be easy to navigate on smaller screens.
  2. Build a brand identity Have a professional logo of your brand and ensure the brand identity is on all your web pages through a specific look and feel to give it a unique character. Be sure to link your logo to your site’s main landing page.
  3. Keep it simple With short attention spans, keep your user focused on your content and key messages by making sure the design and words on your page are easy to follow. Help your user navigate across your site by keeping your sections clearly labeled so they can follow you.
  4. Good photos breathe life into your siteThere’s no excuse for pixelated images when you can easily purchase good quality stock images online. Better yet, invest in a photographer to take unique photos of your product or brand so these pictures speak to your consumers.
  5. Readability Never underestimate the font and size of your site. Stick to an easy-to-read font that can translate well across desktop and mobile devices and platforms.
  6. Less is betterGive your users some space to breathe instead of cluttering every inch of your site with texts and images. Make use of white space to get users to focus on key pictures and messages. This allows users to zoom in on what’s important instead of getting lost and closing your site.
  7. Call to actionRemember to design your page with your consumers in mind – and what you want them to do on your site. If the site if focused on selling – ensure the ‘Buy’ button and all purchase information is clearly available. If you want your users to share information with their network, make it easier for them by linking popular social media sites with pre-set messages to help them.

Before you publish any site, be sure to test it across all platforms and popular devices so you can see how well your design translates across them. Be original and good luck in your web design!

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