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These days it is not a rocket science to build a website and also you need not hire a developer for it’s customizations/……. yes you heard it right! We will tell you some of the very free means of having your website done at very low cost or nearly free. Some of these website builders are wix, weebly, etc:website-building WIX :

Imagine over 77 million users have built their sites using this too named Wix, since it’s launch in year 2008. It’s evident that company’s doing everything right.

Wix Features : band-website-builder

>Good Website Templates – you may choose from a gallery of 500+ distinguished designs

>You DON’T need any Tech Skills — An friendly drag and drop usage with maximum flexibility will do

>Limited Mobile features – Not much useful for clients looking forward to focus on mobile field

In June 2015, Wix website builder was reported to have 45,000 fresh members everyday. Website’s feature-full platform is best remembered for its user-friendly design and wide variety of interactive features, like the streamlined drag and drop ability.

Just after twenty minutes of exploring and experiencing Wix’s excellent site building interface, it is very easy for you to figure out why, Wix definitely is one of the globe’s most used and reliable website builders. It’s quite simple to use irrespective of your experience and tech skills—and you might make any kind of website with Wix.

The Wix interface definitely has the most user friendly features. In literally not more than 5 min, you’ll be able to choose something great as template for your site and begin customizing the same to your liking.

Wix Pricing :

Although the sites allows hosting at literally free of charge, there are charges if you wanna increase storage, or bandwidth or want access to different advanced features.


>>Awesome Do It For Me features — With zero setup fee & no long term insurance, can help you build the website for yourself, saving the time & stress.

>>Having Limited Free Features — may not offer so called free trial span, and free website builder feature comes along with some serious boundedness associated.

>>Dozens of Templates available — You have over 2,500 different designs available in templates collection, providing a variety of choices to select from.

>>When you are thinking how to design your website, you may also do it yourself along-with the’s website builder tool, or you may pay to the company( for doing the same for you. In case of, there is much stress for the customized sites from the experts of the site. If you decide to go for, the service i suggest is this and it is the company’s best offer.

>>Whereas on one side, you may create your very own site by using its DIY Website building tool. It is not the most user friendly tool you will ever use, but yeah it is still possible that you can make an attractive & feature-ful website with this. Check some instances out from the Website’s Gallery menu.

>>In a nut shell, the “Do-It-For-Me” tool is quite robust & will surely help you to design exactly the same site that you wanted, without having much trouble and skills required on your part. But majority reviews of the site agreed that the site’s “ DIY process” consumes much more time, efforts & patience than that by most other modern building tools require.


If you are searching for the very best all – round performing website building tool, than you might wanna try this, it is one of the easy to learn and does not compromise with the quality. You know what, Weebly may just be the one for you for building your very own website.

  • It is free of cost to use and signups only need an email id to begin with
  • Drag & drop editing feature is undisputedly the most useful & one of  its kind
  • Not as many features as in some other web building tools, but it is an excellent tool for most

Ideal For :

Weebly is a great platform for individuals & small business holders who have either never-ever designed a site before, or those who are just searching for an easy to build-on platform to use in their website designing. It is one of the great options available for the advanced skilled users, too, as this platform offers wide range of cutting edge tools that use some of the most modern versions of the Internet-site.

GoDaddy :

  • Supports many modern features & is very easy for beginners to use
  • giving affordable plans which offer wide variety of storage & bandwidth

Ideal For

This platform for building is quite valuable resource pretty much for anyone & everyone who requires  a site, but it is especially useful for small businessmen or persons seeking for a strong & positive web presence. But here’s why GoDaddy is the best!

It is a platform that offers a class of solutions for almost any type of needs. The platform is quite easy and user friendly to learn for helping you to build your very own website which was designed especially for those people who were looking forward to create there very own site  but do not possess any technical knowledge, or even any designing skills.

The team made it very quick &  simple hence anyone and everyone could use it to build their personal website without any per-requisites. Just try choosing one template, and you’ll get started and in no time you’ll be up and running, creating your website by just placing content divisions on top of one another.

You might be wondering if this is that easy?! Well let us tell you that as long as you want a simple to do, starting website you are good to go for these but if you wanna add specific customizations to the site then you might need to hire pro’s for that and use paid features for that.

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