Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh- Peace And Profession At The Same Place

Rishikesh in uttarakhand is one of the holy places of India and due to the peaceful environment and beautiful surrounding it is considered as one of the great place for yoga. All you need for yoga is peaceful place to concentrate. The cool and soothing wind makes it even better to do such peaceful work like yoga. The slowly and softly flowing river Ganga makes it an irresistible place to visit and have a great experience of Yoga. It has a number of yoga training places with really talented people to teach. Doing and outdoor yoga in such a nature connected place makes you feel spiritually great.

RishikeshyogDham  – yoga teacher training rishikesh

Rishikeshyogdham is the registered yoga school and it has great teachers for hath yoga training. The planned yoga makes it easier for the people to learn. The yoga training and the learning depends on the number of days of stay. The people gets detailed yoga training for their great spiritual and physical health. The yoga exercise include learning and practicing asanas, chanting, pranayama, cleansing,  meditation, so the person learning it becomes truly professional for teaching yoga. The people are always encouraged by the residential. The training for the teacher is for 200 hours. The surrounding of rishikeshyogdham is same as the living place of yogis of ancient times. The accommodation price varies depending on the chosen course and also include the stay and food cost in it. The accommodation is really comfortable and full of nature. It also give certificate to the teachers to certify them.


Rishikeshyogpeeth- yoga teacher training rishikesh

The yoga teacher training rishikesh offers different number of courses and price for all those varies.

  • 200 yoga teacher training with the price of approximately 98000 with accommodation and food.
  • 300 hour yoga teacher training with the price of approximately 110000 which include the stay and the food.
  • 500 yoga teacher training is for price 215000 approximately with accommodation and food.

They earlier provided with the scholarship programmes but for now they had put all the scholarship programme on hold. The yoga starts with the beginner lesson that is the most easy one so that people could get some confidence for the next levels. The medium level makes you quite good and gives you great motivation, relaxation to go ahead with the last level which gives you the degree in the yoga. With the certificate you become a great certified yoga teacher.Around 4000 students graduated from 100 countries from the year 2010.

Patanjali international yoga foundation- yoga teacher training rishikesh

Patanjaliis a non-profit registered yoga foundation. Its yoga teacher training programme rishikesh programme include 5 areas to make you great professionals in the yoga.


  • Techniques.
  • Philosophy.
  • Teaching methodology.
  • Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Teaching practicum.

All these steps are thought through the asana, Mantras, Mudras and the most famous and known by all is the Pranayama. It has only the 300hrsand 500hrs yoga training. They provide comfortable accommodation during the training with the great pure sattvika meal. They give yoga teacher training, yoga therapy and also the yoga meditation. The special facility given by them is the pick and drop facility to the teacher training yoga camp.

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